Lost Pet Network - Atlanta Georgia

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Lost  Pet  Network                                      Atlanta  Area

                                People  Coming  Together  to  Bring  Missing  Pets  Back  Home

Dedicated  To  The  Recovery  of  Missing  Pets  Throughout  Metro  Atlanta

If you have lost or found an animal in any of the following Georgia counties, this site is intended for you: Fulton, Bartow, Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, Dekalb, Douglas, Fayette, Gwinnett, Henry or Rockdale.
This site will provide you wih resources and tips that are crucial to your pets recovery effort.
Here, you can post a lost or missing local animal listing, submit photos of a missing animal, get search advice from the experts, find a rescue service, contact shelter centers, receive encouragement from others, link to other "lost pet" sites nationally, share your "lost pet" story and tips, and more.

If you care about animals welfare, your help is needed to promote this site.
Online social networking sites and classifieds sites make excellent venues for promotion.
Begin by hitting the "Like" button to the right and feel free to make your Facebook comment public.
Without collective cooperation, our efforts here are twarted.
When people come together, we can be effective at reuniting lost pets with their owners again.
You can make a positive impact in the lives of animals and their people by simply being here.
Pet guardians, rescuers, adopters, adoptee's and concerned good samitarians are absolutely crucial to our purpose.
Let's all change "frightened and lost" into "happy to be back home"!

Speed is vital to recovery when a pet goes missing. Take action immediately

You must be assertive for your search to be a success.
Do not sit at home and "hope" your lost pet returns.
You're wasting precious time and decreasing the chances that your pet will be found.
If your pet has not been outdoors alone often, they are not likely to return home on their own.
The SEARCH page has expert, professional advice on how, where and when to search.

* If you've found a lost pet, do not re-release it outdoors or immediately take it to an animal shelter.
Go to this page for practical To-Do advice.

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